Sports Dentist

Dr. Gould is the only member of the Academy for Sports Dentistry in Central Pennsylvania.

Sports Dentistry
is a new side of dentistry that serves patient – athletes and the injuries they encounter while playing sports.

Dr. Gould and his staff treat all athletes from the high school (Dr. Gould is the school dentist for Bishop McDevitt High School) player to the collegiate level to the Hershey Bears, Harrisburg Senators and Harrisburg Heat players. Dr. Gould has also fabricated the concussion-mitigating mouthguard for a Pittsburgh Steelers All-Pro linebacker.

Concussions play a major role in today’s athletes. Studies have shown that multiple concussions can lead to early onset memory loss and speech problems, vision impairment and even early onset of Parkinson’s Disease.

To help his patient-athletes mitigate their risk of concussion, Dr. Gould has done extensive training with being a certified dentist for the Maher Mouthguard. Click here to find out more about Maher Mouthguard. or watch “How Dentistry Can Play a Role in Reducing Concussions” video here.

A Tufts-educated dentist, Gerald J. Maher, DMD, FAHND, invented and has a patent for a mouth guard that helps mitigate concussions.  Dr. Gould has inserted this guard in athletes who play soccer, lacrosse, football, and of course ice hockey.  All sports with contact of any kind can benefit from the Maher Mouthguard. You don’t have to be a patient of Dr. Gould’s to get a mitigating concussion mouthguard.  Call Dr. Gould’s office to discuss cost and ease of obtaining a mouth guard for your son or daughter.

Dr. Gould has recently been appointed to the PIAA Sports Medicine Advisory Board. Dr. Gould lectures nationally about Sports Dentistry and Concussions.

If your son or daughter plays in a contact sport, Dr. Gould can evaluate and fit him/her for the appropriate Mahercor product in two simple appointments.

If you are interested in having Dr. Gould lecture, simply send the office an email and they will give you all the needed details.

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