Maher Mouth Guard

A Tufts-educated dentist, Gerald J. Maher, DMD, FAHND, invented and has a patent for a mouth guard that helps mitigate concussions.  Dr. Gould has inserted this guard in athletes who play soccer, lacrosse, football, and of course ice hockey.  All sports with contact of any kind can benefit from the Maher Mouthguard.

Certification in Maher Mouth Guard is required to sell Maher Brand Mouth Guards. The certification classes and exam questions are available here for licensed dentists.

Andrew D. Gould, DMD

Andrew D. Gould, DMD is the dentist for the AHL Hershey Bears. Dr. Gould has a Family and Sports Dentistry practice near Harrisburg, PA and is a member of the Academy for Sports Dentistry. Dr. Gould is also the team dentist for the Harrisburg Senators, Harrisburg Heat, and Bishop McDevitt prep high school. Dr. Gould began his concussion work under Dr. Maher seven years ago and incorporates his efforts and research on the Hershey Bears to this day. Dr. Gould is a member of the PIAA Sports Medicine Advisory Board and works closely with the Penn State University Concussion Clinic.

Gerald J. Maher, DMD

Gerald J. Maher, DMD has been a leader in concussion mitigation since the 1990’s. Dr. Maher is the team dentist with the New England Patriots, where he continues to reduce concussion occurrences and provide valuable research. Dr. Maher has been widely published on TMJ, proper bite function, ideal occlusion, and concussion prevention/mitigation. Dr. Maher currently holds the ONLY patent on concussion-mitigating mouth guards.

What is a concussion? defines a concussion as:

  1. Pathology. injury to the brain or spinal cord due to jarring from a blow, fall, or the like.
  2. shock caused by the impact of a collision, blow, etc.
  3. the act of violently shaking or jarring.

Concussions and the Maher Mouth Guard

Research Supporting the Maher Guard

Benefits to the Maher Mouth Guard

  • Increases the athlete’s’ strength – by having your mouth open a bit, it allows more air into the body, more air is more oxygen in the blood and to the brain, and thus increases workout strength
  • Maher Level II Mouth Guard (the upper, approved for high school play) mitigates concussions up to 85%
  • Maher Level III Mouth Guard (the lower) mitigates concussions up to 95%