Family Dentistry

Our practice has been providing comprehensive care for the entire family since 1939 at the same convenient location in Historic Olde Towne New Cumberland.

Gentle touch given to adults and children is our main goal.

All aspects of dentistry provided:


Ridge Augmentation/Bone Grafting

Implant Dentistry
Surgical placement, restoring with crowns, bridges, and overdentures

Have you ever wanted your dentures to stay without adhesive? Bridges without drilling down your adjacent teeth? Implant Dentistry is the surgical side of dentistry that Dr. Gould is trained in so you never have to leave his office to have your implants placed OR restored! He and his surgical staff are trained in using the Camlog Dental Implant system.

Learn more about implants:

Dentures and Partials


Recession Graft Surgery

Have you been told your gums are receding? Do you have sensitive teeth at the gumline? Have you ever had the periodontal surgery where they harvest your graft from your PALATE? Dr. Gould has had training under Dr. Steve Wallace, DMD MHS to do these grafts WITHOUT USING THE PALATE!!! No more palatal pain using Alloderm Grafts.


Dr. Gould is a certified provider for Clear Correct orthodontic clear aligners.Adults can have that smile you desire in sometimes just 6 months with the use of clear aligner therapy. After a simple consultation, Dr. Gould can evaluate you to see if you are a candidate for the hottest new way to straighten teeth – right in his own office, without having to be referred to a specialist in most cases!

Why should you care about orthodontics?

Root Canals

Periodontal Therapy

Bone grafting and sinus lifts

Metal-Free Fillings

iTero Scanner

We no longer take regular bulky impressions for crowns and bridges. We take a digital scan of your teeth and send that scan to the lab remotely. Saves time, gives 100% accuracy, and saves the environment on paper mailing products and delivery costs.

Sleep Dentistry

Did you know that by wearing a simple appliance in your mouth, you can reduce SLEEP APNEA (OSA) and snoring? Dr. Gould is trained to fabricate these types of mouthguards. Dr. Gould also provides overnight sleep screenings right out of his office to determine if you suffer from this common condition that may save you a trip to a Sleep Center or hospital. This special mouth appliance can also be a great option/alternative if your physician has suggested a CPAP machine.

SOLEA Dental Laser (

Dr. Gould has the privilege of being a partner in Crosstown Dental Group in Palmyra, the area’s premier laser dental office

Procedures like frenectomies and tongue tied and aphthous ulcer removal are done anesthesia-free with Solea

See an example of how your speech can be affected by being tongue-tied and how the Solea can change your life – CLICK HERE

Have you ever wanted “longer, more prominent teeth”? See what the Solea can do for you.


Why has Dr. Gould recommended sealants for my child and what are they?

Botox/Xeomin treatment

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Childrens & Family Dentist
Childrens & Family Dentist